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Bachelorette Belt

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Have you been looking for a Bachelorette Party accessory that doesn't involve those tacky tiaras, stupid sashes, or the male genitalia? Well, you've come to the right place. Introducing the Bachelorette Belt. Inspired by proud, strong, and incredibly classy women, the Bachelorette Belt reminds the world that girls can party with the big boys too. With its perfect balance of functionality and fashionability, this party accessory is sure to turn some heads at the local bar...and you might just get a free drink out of it. 

So as you ring in your last few days as a single woman, get yourself a Bachelorette Belt and show the world that girls know how to Party Like a Champion too.



Product Specifications:


  • One Size Fits All - Elastic polyester fabric and Velcro fastener allows belt to fit nearly all shapes and sizes.  


  • Holds Bottles Or Cans - Securely harnesses bottles or cans. Fastened so snugly you can do a cartwheel, jumping jacks, or go for a jog without losing your beverage (field tested). 


  • Buckle Size - Each buckle measures 10" high and 12" wide.


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