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Best Halloween Costume Trophy Party Belt

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Feeling a little spooked by all the crappy Halloween trophies for costume contests you’ve been finding online?

We get it. I mean, nothing says “Amazingly Awesome Costume” quite like a 3-pack of $4.99 plastic skeleton trophies…am I right?

At Party Belts, we believe that your search for the Best Halloween Costume Prize shouldn’t feel like a vampire in a mannequin factory. And that’s why our Best Halloween Costume Party Belt is one of the only wearable adult Halloween prizes on the market. Arguably the best costume prize ever invented, this championship belt is equipped with two not-so-scary beer holsters to ensure that your Halloween party never dies…(sorry, that’s the last Halloween pun, we promise). 

So if you want the best costume trophy that truly compliments creativity and fun, make sure your costume contest winner is rocking a Party Belt® so they can Party Like a Champion™.

Product Specifications:

  • One Size Fits All - Elastic polyester fabric and Velcro fastener allows belt to fit nearly all shapes and sizes.  
  • Holds Bottles Or Cans - Securely harnesses bottles or cans. Fastened so snugly you can do a cartwheel, jumping jacks, or go for a jog without losing your beverage (field tested). 
  • Buckle Size - Each buckle measures 10" high and 12" wide.