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Bills Mafia Belt - Blue

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Ah, Bills Mafia. Arguably the greatest fan base in all of sports. A league unto their own. A Buffalo Bills Tailgate is an event of truly mythical proportions. 

As a member of Bills Mafia, you are part of an elite squad of superhuman fans. Like something out of 1950’s comic book, the skies overhead a Buffalo Bills Tailgate are littered with cape-less vigilantes falling through the air delivering Elbows of Justice upon evil folding tables standing in their path to victory.

But with a fanbase as legendary as this, the true crime is not having Bills Mafia Apparel worthy of your greatness…until now!

Introducing the Bills Mafia Party Belt®. A championship belt proudly displaying your mutant abilities to smash tables, survive 0 degree weather with your shirt off while down 41 points in the 3rd quarter (pre-Josh Allen), and lather Pinto Ron in an uncomfortable, yet precisely perfect amount of Ketchup and Mustard.

That’s right, this piece of Bills Mafia Apparel is your utility belt of the tailgate. 

Holstering a frosty cold beer on each hip, never again will you utter “hold my beer” because at Party Belts®, we believe it’s always best to take the party with you…even it is off the top of a mini van into a folding table.

Great fans deserve great gear, and this Buffalo Bills Gear is the only one certified to help you Party Like a Champion™.

Product Specifications:

  • One Size Fits All - Elastic polyester fabric and Velcro fastener allows belt to fit nearly all shapes and sizes.  
  • Holds Bottles Or Cans - Securely harnesses bottles or cans. Fastened so snugly you can do a cartwheel, jumping jacks, or go for a jog without losing your beverage (field tested). 
  • Buckle Size - Each buckle measures 10" high and 12" wide.

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