Custom Fantasy Hockey Belt

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If you plan to be a Fantasy Hockey Champion this year, then you've got to Look Like a Champion. 

Our Custom Fantasy Hockey Championship Belt is fashionable, yet functional, sporting dual beer holsters and ultra-slimming technology that perfectly sculpts even the largest of beer bellies. Rigorously field tested by beer drinking connoisseurs (college kids) and meticulously crafted for performance by industry leading professionals (more college kids), Party Belts® have been scientifically proven to make YOU, Party Like a Champion.

Please email with your League Name and Order #. We will email you a proof of your belt within 48 hours.

Product Specifications:

One Size Fits All - Elastic polyester fabric and Velcro fastener allows belt to fit nearly all shapes and sizes.

Holds Bottles Or Cans - Securely harnesses either bottles or cans. Fastened so snugly you can do a cartwheel, do jumping jacks, or run a marathon without losing your beverage.

Buckle Size - Each buckle measures 10" high and 12" wide.