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Party Belts®, like so many other great inventions, was born out of pure necessity. Like the light bulb, the microwave, and the spork, it’s almost impossible to imagine what life would be like without it.

Conceived of after one too many cocktails while planning a Bachelor Party, founder, Nolan Lovan, recognized the desperate need for something “cool” for Bachelors to wear as they formally celebrated the end of their single lives. Bachelorettes seemed to have it all, from sashes to tiaras, while guys were stuck with lame t-shirts and raunchy accessories.

After years of grueling R&D (drinking beers on the couch while watching Shark Tank) and rigorous field testing (drinking beers by the pool), Party Belts® hit the market with a splash in 2019. The concept quickly evolved from a Bachelor Party novelty into what it has become today...a trophy, a gag gift, a conversation starter, an award, a necessity for superfans, etc. etc. Quite simply, Party Belts® are whatever our customers want them to be. If you can dream it up, we can put it on a belt. 

The love for Party Belts® has been nothing short of global phenomenon with fun-loving-party-aholics all over the world buying belts for themselves, friends, and family. We've shipped belts to all 50 US States and 20 other countries (extra-long-distance shoutout to our customers in Malta, Guam, Israel, and Australia, to name a few). 

Our mission is simple: Put smiles on faces. We don't take ourselves too seriously and neither should you. There are literally millions of reasons to celebrate each day. So let loose, have fun, and always Party Like a Champion.

We appreciate your support, now go browse our collections and find a good excuse to get your tushy into a Party Belt®.  


Nolan Lovan, Founder & CEO


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